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Discussions of art and science raise a broad range of questions and are relevant to many fields of study. An artist who explores the scientific imaging metholodologies, a scientist who explores the neurological processes of art, or a technologist who develops new possibilities for art and science benefits from the pool of knowledge relating to both domains. The Diatrope Institute mailing list that is intended to provide a forum for easy exchange of such cross-disciplinary information. This moderated list will circulate abstracts of exciting research, list information about events in the field (exhibitions, conferences, publications) and encourage participants in all domains to comment on the convergence of art and science as well.

In the interest of fostering constructive dialog, please keep in mind that the following guidelines are foundational to the success of the Diatrope Art/Science discussion list:

1. The basic aim of the lists is to encourage the exchange of information on research and events related to art, science, technology, and other relevant disciplines. Overall the list aims to promote a deeper understanding of historical and contemporary contributions to these domains.

2. As the overall goal of discussion is communication, we ask that messages are constructive contributions.

3. Please keep posts relevant to the main topic, and be sensitive to the disciplinary diversity of your audience. List moderation will divert personal issues off list.

4. Attachments will not be distributed to list members.

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