Diatrope Institute Projects


Art Investigations


Rosetta Stoned?: Hockney, Falco and the sources of ‘opticality’ in Lorenzo Lotto’s ‘Husband and Wife’ by Christopher Tyler (2002)


What Perspective Constructions Reveals About Optical Aids by Christopher Tyler (2001)


Hyperbolic surface constructed by Amy Ione and CW Tyler (2001)


   Euclid Enhanced by Amy Ione and CW Tyler (2001)


Perspective as a Geometric Tool that Launched the Renaissance  by CW Tyler (2000)

The Conception of Space in 20th Century Art by CW Tyler & A Ione (2000)

File written by Adobe Photoshop® 4.0Art in an Age of Science and Technology (2000) by Amy Ione

Manet's Last Painting by CW Tyler


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01"An Enquiry into Paul Cézanne: Defining the Role of the Artist in Studies of Perception And Consciousness." by Amy Ione


Is Art Lawful? (Commentary on Ramachandran & Hirstein, 1999) by CW Tyler


The Rules of Perspective by CW Tyler

Reflections on Pisces by Amy Ione and CW Tyler



An Eye-placement Principle in 500 Years of Portraits CW Tyler


Eye Placement Principles in Portraits and Figure Studies over the Past Two Millennia CW Tyler


The Human Expression of Symmetry: Art and Neuroscience CW Tyler

On the Structure of Consciousness Manifested through Evolution, Psychophysics, and Art CW Tyler